Resource Management Module

Our Approach

Unlike traditional Professional Services Automation (PSA) solution and Spreadsheets, with CrossConcept Continuum PSA you get the complete view you need to efficiently and effectively and manage your billable resources. 


The Resource Management module gives you an simple-to-use solution for the ongoing task of assigning people to projects. This helps you efficiently turn day-to-day information into the answers you need about utilization, revenue, and profitability in real-time.

CrossConcept Continuum's innovative scheduling module is an intuitive, flexible and highly configurable that adapts integrates with your organization’s people, projects and finances. It allows your project managers to define resource needs and helps resource managers to quickly identify  how they can fill each requirement at the touch of a button. 

The Benefits

The Resource Scheduling module gives you ability and visibility to:

  • Kick start projects faster and more professionally 

  • Identify resource needs with extreme precision

  • Increase resource utilization by matching the best skill-sets with different projects

  • Increase resource morale and retention by taking skills, preferences, and professional development needs into account when making decision when assigning to projects

  • See the future of your resources with visibility into future hiring and skill development needs

CrossConcept Continuum is built to address the entire resource management cycle in one unified, simple to use application. With a central dashboard view of your entire organization’s resources, you can better plan for and bid on future projects, make staffing decisions on current tasks, and ensure that everything is done on-time and within budget.

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